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To Be Like the Little Children

By Jubilee Dueck Thiessen - A Rocha Manitoba Summer Worker As I wrap up my summer work with A Rocha Manitoba and reflect back on our day camps and [...]

To Be Like the Little Children2020-09-01T16:00:22-04:00

5 Books to Inspire You This Season of Creation

Each year from September 1 to October 4, the global church celebrates the Season of Creation- a worldwide celebration of prayer and action to protect our common home. This [...]

5 Books to Inspire You This Season of Creation2020-09-02T15:58:53-04:00

Lessons from Weeds

By Miriam Huebner - A Rocha Manitoba Summer Worker  As a child I was often puzzled by how fields of wildflowers are beautiful but fields of dandelions are not. What’s [...]

Lessons from Weeds2020-08-07T13:55:32-04:00

Composting Collaboration Takes Off

By Justin Eisinga - Conservation Project Coordinator - A Rocha Manitoba “Even a wounded world is feeding us. Even a wounded world holds us, giving us moments of wonder [...]

Composting Collaboration Takes Off2020-08-07T12:56:17-04:00

The Gift of Wildflowers

By Kari Miller - A Rocha Manitoba Summer Worker Photo by Kari Miller Woods rose. Meadow Anemone. Canada’s Violet. Common Yarrow. Dame’s Rocket. Harebell. Western Red Lily. Prairie [...]

The Gift of Wildflowers2020-07-08T17:49:37-04:00