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His Eye is on the Sucker

Leah Kostamo & Margaret Atwood in Ottawa Written by conference participants Rev. Dr. Kara Mandryk (Henry Budd College for Ministry) & Dr. J. Keith Hyde (University College of the [...]

His Eye is on the Sucker2020-03-28T12:23:20-07:00

The “First Supper” in Hamilton

After years of dreaming and scheming, the first A Rocha Urban Centre in Canada hosted its first ever Supper! Thanks to a partnership with First CRC in Hamilton and the [...]

The “First Supper” in Hamilton2020-03-28T12:23:20-07:00

Build Your Soil Workshop Series

Discover the Vital Role of Soil in Your Garden Learn to enhance your own soil through compost, compost tea, biochar, bokashi, soil food web, vermicompost, and more! This [...]

Build Your Soil Workshop Series2020-03-28T12:23:20-07:00

Salish Suckers in Jaw-Dropping Numbers

Conservation Team Discovers 110 Salish Suckers When A Rocha intern Audrey Epp found a Salish Sucker in the pond at Brooksdale in 2011, it was big news. Everyone thought [...]

Salish Suckers in Jaw-Dropping Numbers2020-03-28T12:23:20-07:00

More Than Dirt: Growing Good Soil!

The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age [...]

More Than Dirt: Growing Good Soil!2020-03-28T12:23:21-07:00