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Nature’s Voice

Written by past Tatalu Conservation Resident, Isabel Gutierrez, pictured on the left above. --- My experience at A Rocha has been full of delight for all the different languages each [...]

Nature’s Voice2024-01-26T16:59:50-08:00

Plastic-Free February

Images by Sören Funk February is Plastic-free Month Microplastics are the material left behind when plastics decompose. They have been found in human blood, lungs and even in unborn foetuses - a new study in Europe [...]

Plastic-Free February2023-12-21T14:45:39-08:00

All Things Bright and Beetleful

Written by Aurora Sarchet, a Conservation Science resident. --- Today, I am going to introduce you to a beetle.  “What?” you say, “A beetle? I don’t really like those. Too [...]

All Things Bright and Beetleful2023-12-05T14:09:02-08:00

“How was your time at A Rocha?”

Written by Megan Tanlimco, a Conservation Science resident, pictured above. --- I came to A Rocha as a break from school, where my time was governed by lectures, assignments, and exams. [...]

“How was your time at A Rocha?”2023-09-05T14:11:11-07:00