Have you ever been to a barn raiser?

If you have, I’m guessing it was a pretty special experience.

A barn raiser is a community event that features long tables laden with good food and a lot of people coming together to build or rebuild a barn. It’s an event not to be forgotten, not least because it is so rare in our lives today that a) we connect deeply with a group and b) as a group, we accomplish something bold and lasting, something that we can point to and say, “Together, we did THAT!”

Christie Goode

Christie Goode (Vice President – Advancement)

Brooksdale Yellow Barn

Well, that is what A Rocha’s Brooksdale Environmental Centre is doing. Now that A Rocha owns the land and buildings of Brooksdale, we are preparing to make some renovations so we can improve the impact that the centre’s programs can have. You may have noticed that Brooksdale has only one living room to serve as indoor teaching space, and has only one pretty average kitchen from which to serve the 40-100 people who sit down for lunch every day.

So we’re doing a Barn Raiser. We are renovating our 1930s heritage barn into a Learning Centre, with a beautiful conference room in the hay loft, and washrooms and two smaller classrooms on the main floor. We will also be building an adjacent Hospitality Centre with a commercial kitchen.

Barn Raiser Logo

Reserve Your Seat

Come celebrate the future of A Rocha Canada & the Brookdale Environmental Centre.

We will be releasing more details, plans and photos in the coming months, but for now, the best way to hear the inside story is to be at the Barn Raiser: Thursday May 25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Tickets are available here.

You are a fantastic community, of fantastic people and together we are doing fantastic work in caring for creation. Next up: let’s raise a barn! Let’s do some renovations so that thousands more people can be educated, inspired, trained and delighted by the goodness of creation care.