1. Plant a Community Garden

Looking for a way to serve your neighbourhood? Community gardens connect people directly to creation, their neighbours and to the source of their food. In addition, they are a wonderful way to provide fresh produce to those in need. If your church is looking for a place to start, check out our Community Garden Network.

2. Support Organic Farmers

Know thy farmer! As the seasons turn toward spring and summer consider buying your veggies from local sources like a farmers’ market or a locally owned co-op. Both are great ways to receive the best quality produce without going through the normal market channels. And if you’re in BC, consider being a part of our Community Shared Agriculture Program to join in on local, seasonal eating (spaces are currently still available!).

3. Be Open to Learning

Day camps and Sunday school programs are a great way to teach kids about the world we live in from a theological grounding. Check out our children’s resources for fun and practical activities they can do from home or church (or sign the kids up for our Spring Break Day Camp in BC). As for us adults, seminars and special workshops are a great way to learn about current issues while inspiring new ideas. If you’re in the Manitoba area, consider participating in the upcoming Silent in the Seasons Retreat.

4. Organize a Community Clean-Up Event

Cleaning up garbage and beautifying the surrounding land, especially well-used areas of your neighbourhoods or churches, is a great way to bring people together for a short and impactful activity. It not only improves the aesthetic and health of the space, but is also a great conversation starter and reminder of the importance of caring for our local area in a tangible way. Consider a clean up along a local shoreline to help our oceans be a place of hope, not plastic. Check out A Rocha International’s guide for how to organize a litter clean-up as a place to start.   

5. Host a Movie and Discussion Night

Everyone loves a good movie (and good popcorn of course). Set up a movie night where everyone is invited to watch a film that has a powerful message, then have a discussion about what significance it could have to the local community. Our interns recently enjoyed Tomorrow, a thought-provoking documentary on how we can change the way we live for the sake of our planet. For movie (and book) suggestions, check out our resources here or better yet, join an A Rocha movie night in Manitoba on March 29. 

Learn more about Good Seed Sunday. We’d love to hear how you and your church community will be celebrating this year. Share you activities by tagging us in your posts using #GoodSeedSunday.